I'm mad as **** and I'm not going to take it anymore! | Edutopia
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I'm mad as **** and I'm not going to take it anymore!

I'm mad as **** and I'm not going to take it anymore!

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I'm not usually one to rant and rave and complain without any solution or silver-cloud (at least usually not often, long or in public). But I've really had it with the test-centered mentality that education has become. My school has been inundated with mandates, scripted programing, strategies, regional visits -- all in the name of increasing test scores. (Which, by the way, DID increase last year!) We need posters on the wall, student work displayed and in folders, fidelity to scripts, speed in delivery - but not too fast that it leaves anyone behind - but not so slow that your class falls behind the others - but slow down so you teach to mastery - but be sure to do at least one lesson per day. Now, to top it off, they have just taken out Science and Social Studies so that we can incorporate more direct instructed, scripted Reading and Math. Yes ... that's right ... we now teach ONLY Reading and Math! And two-thirds of it is scripted! We're becoming "Stepford Teachers". Why do we need intelligent, educated, knowledgeable, experienced professionals when we can have cookie-cutter, mono-toned, amateurs who can read on cue? Silly me for investing all that money in a Master's degree and becoming National Board Certified. I could have saved thousands and just taken a speed-reading course instead. And to make it even worse, we seem to do nothing about it. Seriously, how many teachers are their in the United States? In your State, District, School? Why aren't we protesting? There are so many more of us who actually TEACH yet, it's the few at the top who are making all of the decisions. I know times are tough. I know the economy is bad. I know how difficult it is to stick your neck out and risk your own future. (Trust me, many people would be shocked that I'm posting this.) But isn't this worth fighting for? Aren't our children worth fighting for?

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