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First Grade Assessment

First Grade Assessment

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I am wondering how other first grade teachers handle summative assessments in math, social studies, and science? Most of my first graders are not ready to read questions on their own and answer them. We do most of our assessments together, but I feel like I am not always getting a good indication of their cognitive abilities. In reading, I do a lot of formative assessments and I feel I have a good handle on their levels. Is it OK to not have first graders take unit "tests" to assess their knowledge? I like to use classroom observations, journals, etc. Ideas, please...

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Ezequiela Nieves's picture

I model a lot of the inquiry based questions in the beginning so the students have an idea how to ask and answer questions to each other within a group or in front of their peers. Those questions are posted on a chart in the classroom as a reference tool when they get stuck on their critical thinking.

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Building Confidence in Students, One Child at a Time

Thanks for your post! My advice to you would be give your students a set of model test papers. Give them idea about the questions and then start taking weekly test. Also make your teaching sessions more interactive, so that students become more interested and participate more in classroom.

I hope this suggestion would be of some help to you.

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