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Veterans Day: Gymnasts for Peace (Art/Music/Drama)

Allen Berg curriculum and projects learning centers

Dear Colleagues,

To commemorate Veterans Day 2011 (11-11-11) I offer this page from my Arts and Education Adventure wikispace: World Peace Project Page 4:

This is also a song of "Right Here, Right Now" to affirm and join the Occupy the Planet for Peace and Education Movement in whatever city you live in...
Read and See Elena Aguilar's Edutopia Blog about the Occupy Oakland and Occupy Our Schools examples...

Imagine Peace and Act Peace and Teach Peace...


Allen Berg

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curriculum and projects learning centers

Elena Aguilar's Edutopia Blog link...

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Dear Colleagues,

Here is the link to Elena Aguilar's Edutopia Blog post:
"Opportunites to Learn from Occupy Oakland"
and Occupy Our Schools Facebook Group organized by Todd Elkin



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