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Music - Ukuleles

Music - Ukuleles

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Dear Colleagues, This is all about Ukuleles, and it is lots of fun... http://artsandeducationadventure.wikispaces.com/Music+-+Ukulele "Truth be told", I am a Total Beginner in Musicianship, never even qualified for the school band. So this is an Edutopia Miracle-in-Progress: a musician friend just sent me a gift package, a beginner's soprano ukulele (the basic $50 version, made in China) and it has already "jump-started" my musical abilities and joys... As soon as the 'Prize' arrived, I checked online for youtube videos, there are lots to enjoy, and I quickly discovered "Hawaii Music Supply" (HMS) online and in two days now I am already playing and practicing my new Magic Uke... And so can You and your Students... This is not an advertisement, you can find any local resources available to you; But the online Free Video Lessons here (with over 2 million views) are fantastic and inspiring... "I am a Musician now." That is pretty way kool. Aloha music for anyone... Allen

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Allen Berg's picture
Allen Berg
curriculum and projects learning centers

Dear Colleagues,

Now that I am becoming a daily musician with my ukulele, I am finding more online resources and educational examples of other teachers' programs...
There is an elementary school ukulele club in upstate New York that has a good website to share:


And from this example I learned about a nationwide school video channel called schooltube.com, which has lots of online videos from schools that register to be members. Their homepage includes information and guidelines for safe student internet publishing.

And the current bestselling Ukulele Master, Jake Shimabukuro, from Hawaii, has set up a non-profit community service organization promoting music education in schools and community centers, called "Music is Good Medicine",
(his wife is a Doctor/Physician :-) MIGM that has a Facebook page that you can check out also.

"Peace Love Ukulele"

Lefty Aloha, Allen

Allen Berg's picture
Allen Berg
curriculum and projects learning centers

Dear Colleagues,

I now have a new (separate) educational wikispace called "Ukulule Adventure" which is more fun than I can write about... because the joy of making music and making music together is like "Wow"...

Peter Luongo, the extraordinary Principal of Noel Elementary School, which is located just outside of Vancouver, Canada
teaches ukelele and has created an entire music program across all grades, called the Langley Ukulele Ensemble:
which is featured in the movie Mighty Uke... "Wow"! :-)


So here is the link where this clip from "Mighty Uke" is now located
for teachers and students and everybody...


For this Holiday Season,
get a uke, give a uke, uku a uke...
U Can Make Music... :-)

Uke on...

Allen Berg
"Lefty Aloha", new/noobie ukie ukester

Allen Berg's picture
Allen Berg
curriculum and projects learning centers

Dear Colleagues,
CNN's Dr. Sanjay Gupta has a series of 'world-changers' called "The Next List"; last week he had two episodes with the world's premiere ukulele player Jake Shimabukuro...

This is the second episode: "Instrument of Peace"
It is awesome for every classroom...


And the first episode: "Introducing Jake Shimabukuro" (Ukulele Master)...
Is wonderful also...

Jake has a website and Facebook page, go there...

and you can do yourself and your family and students and the world a favor by checking out a $30 brightly colored well-crafted ukulele at "Mahalo Ukulele" online...and start strumming...

No knowledge of Music is necessary; just a fun attitude:

Lefty Aloha, Allen

Allen Berg's picture
Allen Berg
curriculum and projects learning centers

My Arts and Education Adventure wikispace grew a new sprout all about the ukulele... :-)


Any classroom can afford a $30 "Mahalo" brand ukulele...for the teacher and students to have fun with making music...

My wikispace can help guide you to online education and music resources, and youtube tutorial videos and performance videos can supply you with lessons for a lifetime... of music-making...

No knowlege of music is necessary (we all already have it in our heartbeats, which is the biological basis of human rhythms... :-)

I cannot read music notation or count numbers when I make music, but anyone can play the ukulele... and "The world will be a better place"...

Allen the new ukester...

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