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Music - Ukuleles

Music - Ukuleles

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Dear Colleagues, This is all about Ukuleles, and it is lots of fun... "Truth be told", I am a Total Beginner in Musicianship, never even qualified for the school band. So this is an Edutopia Miracle-in-Progress: a musician friend just sent me a gift package, a beginner's soprano ukulele (the basic $50 version, made in China) and it has already "jump-started" my musical abilities and joys... As soon as the 'Prize' arrived, I checked online for youtube videos, there are lots to enjoy, and I quickly discovered "Hawaii Music Supply" (HMS) online and in two days now I am already playing and practicing my new Magic Uke... And so can You and your Students... This is not an advertisement, you can find any local resources available to you; But the online Free Video Lessons here (with over 2 million views) are fantastic and inspiring... "I am a Musician now." That is pretty way kool. Aloha music for anyone... Allen

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