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GarageBand for the iPad excitement

Marshall Shaw Performing Arts Teacher

This is a sample of music created using sounds from an air conditioner, two body sounds, a soprano recorder and one GarageBand loop, done in a few minutes on the iPad 2 GarageBand. Imported into iTunes, I played it using the visualizer setting and did a screen video capture (.mp4) to share with my students.


Students (Gr.5) are creating basic soundscapes and imbuing them with the elements of music. We're applying prior knowledge (soprano and alto recorders, xylophones, boomwhackers, singing, critical listening) to this activity, and adding the freedom of technology with the iPad and MacBook Pro laptops with GarageBand. Some students have the ability to capably play a variety of instruments to record to various tracks, while others are using non-notated sounds to create tracks (environmental and body sounds).
The most exciting feature of GarageBand for iPad is for them to record any sound, pitched or non-pitched and make it into a useable keyboard sound... unbelievable!
This activity motivates any student regardless of their interest in the Arts, taking away the need for notation ability/interest.
We're lovin' it!

Note: For teachers of the Primary Years Programme of IBO (International Baccalaureate Programme), this is one of the activities of our Unit of Inquiry with the following details:

Central Idea - How We Express Ourselves
Developments in communication technology create different types of connections between people and their audience

Lines of Inquiry
Developments in communication technologies over time
How developments in communication technology have affected the way we interact
Digital citizenship and personal expression

Teacher Questions
The media is the message
Who is my audience?
What are the connections between my digital footprint and my audience?

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