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Do we have time for the arts?

Stephen Hurley Grade Eight Teacher, Group Moderator, Facilitator/teacher arts@newman

Here's a type of "information-gathering" question that might start us off!

Does your school district have time requirements or recommendations for the arts? The district in which I am currently working has indicated that 90 minutes per week for the arts should be considered minimum.

What is the situation in your District?

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High School Music Teacher from Byfield, MA

I am Program Coordinator for

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I am Program Coordinator for the Arts at my high school, and I have functioned as the main advocate for arts education in my district.

Our elementary school students get 40 minutes of music a week, and 40 minutes of art a week. Those who play instruments get a pull out group lesson of 20 minutes a week, and stay after school for a one hour per week band rehearsal. Choral rehearsals are one hour a week and within the school day.

At the middle school level, the students have 45 minutes of general music per week for one third of the year. Band and choral students each get 45 minutes of group rehearsal per week, and miss other "specials" to do it. Art is one of the specials the students miss if they are in band or chorus. Specials meet, like general music, 45 minutes once a week for one third of the year.

High school students sign up for our courses which are for credit like any others. They are required to do one credit of fine (art, music, drama, dance) or "applied" (technology, business) arts in order to graduate.

This is not enough time or consistency to maximize the benefits of study in the arts.

It is too bad we have educated our society so well to believe that only the tested subjects are important.

I have noticed that in some

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I have noticed that in some districts elementary schools have their 'specials', including the arts for five consecutive days twice per semester. Do students in such a program get the required time allotted for the arts and how can that approach to the scheduling impact the quality of the program?

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