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Do we have time for the arts?

Do we have time for the arts?

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Here's a type of "information-gathering" question that might start us off! Does your school district have time requirements or recommendations for the arts? The district in which I am currently working has indicated that 90 minutes per week for the arts should be considered minimum. What is the situation in your District?

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Tammy Berry's picture

I have my vocal music specialist and thanks to the increased planning time, I am finally able to use it. I am a .5 SERC, .1 SERT and .4 Planning Time teacher. It was my choice to teach music. I go into 3 primary classes, 2 times a week to teach music. Since this would be too much for the entire year, we have also decided that I will teach drama. So I will report on Music first term, Music and Drama second term and Drama third term. Classroom teachers do their own Art.
I must admit I love it!!! This is one of the few times I have been able to use my music qualifications besides in an extra-curricular way such as choir or musicals. I always wanted to be a music consultant but our board got rid of those the year I finished my specialist level. Bummer......
I wonder with the advent of more planning time if we can finally have teachers teaching their specialties. It would be so much more beneficial for the students and less stressful for the teachers.

Heather Wolpert-Gawron's picture

I thought this article from the Christian Science Monitor might be applicable to this conversation:

I taught drama for years, bringing Shakespeare to ELD students and English Only students alike. We also did musical theater, making history come alive for those kids. The arts have a place inside and outside the classroom.

Now, I'm a Speech and Debate teacher for two periods a day, my students are an award-winning team, and they range from at-risk to honors students. The arts levels the playing the field and creates a common language for kids who would otherwise never share classes together.
-Heather Wolpert-Gawron

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