Whether you're an experienced arts educator, or a teacher looking for ways to bring life to your curriculum through visual arts, music, drama and dance, this group will provide a place to meet, share, and imagine!

Video Clips You Can Insert into Your Arts Education Lessons

Joanna Puello CEO and Founder of World Upside Down

We're always posting great video clips that teachers can use to insert into their arts education classes. Check out our facebook page for updates: https://www.facebook.com/wudhub

If you subscribe to any YouTube channels that host really great vids that can be used for arts-ed, let us know!

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I work for Shakespeare At Play (www.shakespeareatplay.ca) as a Producer.

This is exactly what we do at

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This is exactly what we do at Shakespeare At Play! We film Shakespeare's plays and embed them with annotated text for students to watch as they scroll along. Shakespeare was written to be performed, so it can be very difficult and somewhat alienating to connect with just the text on its own for some students. We are hoping to help our readers understand Shakespeare better and maybe even grow to love it!
Here is our website for more info: www.shakespeareatplay.ca

co-founder I am Bullyproof Music

I just liked your page :-)

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I just liked your page :-) Love your name. This is us; https://www.facebook.com/IamBullyproofMusic?ref=hl

I admire what you're up to. I have a friend who's top honcho at Lynda.com.. or is it Linda.com? Sorry, don't remember. Can't keep up with him. But they are growing in leaps and bounds. Learning on line is really catching on. I wish you well!

PS We've created a lot of classroom teaching videos ourselves-- music meets social skills-- that feature kids inspiring each other to think more deeply. youtube/Pinterest/website/TPT-- the usual thing. Don't you love this modern age where we can all share so easily? Daina-- So glad to find you too! Am also going to check out your website and pass it on.

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