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Museum Curriculum - what do Arts teachers need/want?

Andrea Simmons I am the Education Director of a small contemporary anthropology museum.

I am working on the curriculum for our newest venture, an eTour, to debut during the 2011-12 school year. This will be a tour of the museum filmed in segments that teachers can access via the web and it will cover the countries/continents/people groups that the museum covers.
As our museum is physically located in the Dallas area, and DISD schools are emphasizing STEM and PBL, I'm trying to tailor my curriculum to focus on those ideas, but want to incorporate Arts into it too (STEAM?).
My big question is: what are the school districts and teachers - not just in Dallas - looking for in a curriculum from a museum? Are you wanting ideas that you can adapt to your students/district/state requirements? Are you wanting a full-on put it in your hands curriculum that you can just print and go?
I realize that each teacher/district/state will need to adapt for their specific standards, but I'd like some input from teachers working in the classroom with PBL and/or the Arts about what they'd like to see.
Thanks so much!!
International Museum of Culture

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