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EZ/MUZIK a patented method of music notation - no notes

Patrik Piano Maiani Piano teacher inventor

Hi I my name is Patrik Piano Maiani I am a private piano teacher in Montecito CA. I have a patented method of reading writing music that is instant and my students love it I have 4 books classical, lullabies, Christmas, and a variety of songs book I am looking for teachers that want to excel in teaching beginning students music with my method it is a proven method that gives the student confidence in reading and playing it is set up for piano bu can be used for any instrument. I am also looking for investors to put it on the iPad so it would reach a larger audience as an app.
If you are interested please send me an email
Patrik Piano Maiani

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Music teacher

I am really interested about

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I am really interested about all this...

Suzuki Violin teacher in Orange County, CA

There's not alot really new

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There's not alot really new about that idea. I am sure their is a talented programmer with a music background already doing it as an open source project.
There is so much software and music theory software out there that a non-musician can compose with out a music degree.

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