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Film: Miss Nelson Is Missing 2013

artavina Kindergarten teacher from Los Angeles, CA

Hello everyone! My name is Art Avina and I am a K teacher in Los Angeles. I wanted to share something that might be of some interest to educators with a love for the arts...

Ask students and teachers about favorite children's stories, and it's almost guaranteed that "Miss Nelson is Missing" will be named. My students and I recently took this classic story and adapted it for the small screen. What started off as a class project on school and community became production that blended technology, music, and dramatic arts, and at the same time, developed reading comprehension, vocabulary, and oral language skills. The students were encouraged to be creative and work collaboratively, and the results have been rewarding to say the least. The reaction to our movie has been enthusiastically positive by all who have watched it so far. At this point, several parents and teachers have contacted me to let me know that their kids absolutely LOVE it! Teachers and parents seem to think it’s a nice way to give their kids a treat (while giving themselves a breather for 13 minutes).

It is my hope that teachers, parents, and kids are entertained by our efforts and hopefully encouraged to blend more dramatic arts into literacy activities. We poured an incredible about of work and love into our project, and it is with great joy and pride that we present it to the world. We hope you enjoy it as much as we've enjoyed making it. Take a look...


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Second grade ELL Teacher in Istanbul, Turkey

Hello Art, Wow, you did such

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Hello Art,
Wow, you did such a great job in directing your students in this film. This was one of my favorite books growing up and I was thrilled to read it to my students as well. I think my class will really enjoy the film you and your class created! Hopefully, it will inspire some more creative projects in our class. Congratulations to your kindergarteners on doing an amazing job as well! Thanks for sharing :)

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