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Arts advocacy by state

Eric Levin Director of Theatre Education at Southern Oregon State University

I wonder if it would be useful to share our state's state of the arts education. The affect of the recession and the political climate is certainly important, but more important is what kinds of advocacy strategies are being used and are they working. Here in Oregon, we are in the front of the anti tax movement. With a democratic governor and a split legislature tax hikes are not even on the table. Districts are cutting budgets quite drastically. I am not seeing a disproportionate cut to the arts, however. Certainly the arts are not as well supported as other subjects, but I am not seeing a wholesale attack. We have an active arts commission that has sponsored a multi-disciplinary congress to openly discuss how to maintain arts in education and how to benefit education through arts curriculum and arts across the curriculum. Included in this discussion are artists, educators, business people, administrators and arts organizations. Since its inception we have developed a Arts in Education Bill of Rights, and plans of action on a regional level.

What kinds of advocacy are going on in other parts of the country and in other parts of the world.

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Hi Eric, In the Bay Area, I

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Hi Eric,

In the Bay Area, I find that community members are developing their own institutions that focus on the arts versus the reliance on government to fund it through schools. Is that happening in Oregon?

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