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Google HQ Children's Center "Theater Teacher" Job Opportunity

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Dear Theater Teacher Colleagues,

I just got "connected" to Google, Inc. at LinkedIn, and today there is a Job Listing for their employees' Children's Center for a "Theater Teacher"...


"Google Children's Center, Theatre Teacher - Mountain View
Google - California , Mountain View (San Francisco Bay Area)
Job Description
This position is based in Mountain View, CA.

The area: People Operations

Google's HR team - which we call People Operations - focuses on reaching the highest level of Employee happiness. Here, we encourage the development of our employees' creativity, personal growth and love of learning. We also believe it's important to provide benefits to our employees' children. To that end, we've developed our Employee Child Development program by building high-quality children's centers located near our corporate headquarters. These family-focused centers integrate play-based philosophies into the curriculum, such as Resources for Infant Educarers (RIE), Program for Infant/Toddler Care (PITC), and the Reggio Emilia Approach. This program includes primary care-giving, small group size, and staff continuity, and is designed to meet the physical, cognitive, social, and emotional needs of children ages 3 months through 5 years.

The role: Google Children's Center, Theatre Teacher

Our high-quality, family-focused centers offer an integrated approach to infant, toddler, and preschool early care and education inspired by research-based practices and play-based philosophies. Classrooms maintain low group sizes with good teacher-to-child ratios. As an Theatre Teacher, you will create provocative encounters for children to experience drama, performing arts, music, movement, storytelling, and other theatrical possibilities.


• Observe children’s reactions to experiences in the theater, document these experiences, and build new possible experiences based on children’s experiences.
• Make visible the work of children for children, parents, and colleagues to communicate what is happening, to follow the work over time, and to develop oneself as a professional.
• Improve existing and create new processes for our key programs.
• Collaborate with teachers and parents in the development of the curriculum. Partner with the studio team to promote the goals of the school and the evolution of the work. Support the development of teachers in the performing arts and how these can become a part of daily classroom practices.
• Develop, modify, and maintain the theater space.


• BA or BS degree required in Performing Arts, Movement, Theater, Dance, Music, or Related Field.
• At least 2 years experience working with children less than 5 years old.
• Experience facilitating performing arts with children less than 5 years old
• Ability to observe children’s experiences and create proposals for children based on their work
• Excellent written and oral communications skills.
• Familiarity with best practices in early education and developmentally appropriate practices. Familiarity with Reggio Emilia philosophy preferred.
• Ability to collaborate with children and adults. Additional Information
Posted:February 6, 2011
Functions:Human Resources
Job ID:1374793"



I do not work for Google, Inc. nor do I own stock in Google, Inc.
(both of which might be nice "positions" to be in... :-)
BUT, I am fascinated by their Company and their seemingly 'exponential' growth...

Simply "sharing for the Greater Good" here at our Edutopia Arts Group...


Allen Berg

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WOW, what a great job. I

Was this helpful?

WOW, what a great job. I want this job! But, I am not totally qualified, but would love to be an assistant!

However, the message to all industry is: Why are you not doing this also?What a much healthier country/society we would have if we truly integrated the arts with every family to create the joy and happiness of life through theatre. I would bet the health would improve of many children and adults, thus reducing the cost of physical and mental health care.

Lucky are the people of Mountain View and the Google Staff. It will be interesting to watch this unfold. I hope someone makes a documentary. I sure wish I could!

Thanks for this post!!

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