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A new form of Music Notation that teaches math and music!

A new form of Music Notation that teaches math and music!

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Numbered Notes music notation is a new design on an old idea. Did you know that the music notation that we use today is over 300 years old and was NOT designed for 12 notes? Originally it was designed for only 7 notes and 5 additional notes were added in the Medieval ages. These are the black notes on the Piano. The notation is so hard for kids to learn and read because instead of assigning each of the 12 notes a unique letter name monks just kept the original 7 notes A-G in place and referred to the new notes by their proximity above or below by using sharps or flats. That is why the note above C and below D is referred to as both a C# and a Db. Two names for the same note! Numbered Notes solves this naming problem by assigning each note a number 1-12. Numbers also allow for counting so you can navigate intervals in a logical way. The “12 note staff” assigns notes to consistent positions eliminating the challenge of remembering the Treble and Bass Clefs. Also a new timing system uses the same conventions for Notes and Rests so once you learn one you know the other. The new notation is designed for the task at hand. It was designed by professional musicians and artists so that it would be intuitive and functional. I our opinion, a huge problem with education is not just class sizes and funding but the ACTUAL CONTENT! Numbered Notes is like a software upgrade for an older version. It can do Bach, Mozart and Chopin too. It's time we started redesigning the information systems that we are teaching our kids and let them really succeed! Try Numbered Notes for yourself on our website keyboard and let us know what you think …..good or bad. www.numberednotes.com Our goal is to bring music literacy above 90% using Numbered Notes. See for yourself!

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