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"THE Cary HS Geometry Adventure" YouTube video...

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Dear Colleagues,

I made this video over Christmas Vacation as a gift for THE Cary High School Geometry Adventure in Cary, North Carolina.
I chose one of my favorite pieces of music to accompany my photographs of my paper cut-out greeting card doves: Mozart's Piano Concerto No. 21 in C major K467 "Elvira Madigan" (from the movie),

It is now for public view at youtube:
In the brief notes, I suggest you view in "Full Screen"...
Thank You All for being my Edutopia Coleagues...

Allen Berg
aka: phineas8888

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Founder of The Inspired Learning Academy (High School - Charter)

Allen: What a nice piece.

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What a nice piece. Did you post the lesson that went with the origami doves? I assume this is tesselations?

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