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Holiday Store Windows NYC 2010

Allen Berg curriculum and projects learning centers

Okay, "I'm a New Yorker, born and raised" and escaped... :-)

Hitch-hiked cross-country summer 1976... to Santa Cruz, California...

(long story... 100+ volumes stored in my brother's attic )

flash forward: "Holiday Store Windows NYC 2010"


It is a Holiday Tradition: Everyone with "Homeboygirl Pride" strolls along 5th Avenue in December to checkout the elegant store window

Now you too and your students can share in the experience:
remember making shoebox dioramas as a kid... well these folks get lots of money to make these window displays in Manhattan...

and Beuacoup "Bragging Rights" for their Portfolios...

Enjoy the Arts Magic... and then hop-in-a-cab and see The Met's
production of the "Magic Flute"...

"Life is Grand" in the Urban-Z

(me, I'm happy in small town greenery and the bathtub-warm Florida

Happy Peace Love Allen

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I love holidays!

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I love holidays!

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