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Curriculum Journals/Books for the Arts?

Jeanie Lee

Hi fellow educators,

I'd like to understand what curriculum planning and development for the Arts involves - particularly in the area of Music education.

Grateful pls if you could recommend suitable journals/books I could read?

Thank you.

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Education and Outreach - Arts for Social Change Director

An integrated approach to arts education

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The arts define generations; because of this I think we do our students a disservice when we focus on the science of the art form without putting the creation of great pieces in context. For this reason, we should approach curriculum planning and development from a holistic perspective. Arts educators should work with their cohorts in all academic areas to help them embrace the use of arts in their own classrooms and in turn you should highlight academic areas in your lessons such as the mathematics inherent in good music composition, the historical context that certain pieces of music was written etc. The arts do not exist in isolation and your curriculum development and lesson planning shouldn't either.

I've been working with a film company to help them take this approach to teacher guides for films that might be appropriate for classroom use. You can check out examples from that art form at the Pop Goes the Classroom Website.


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