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Dance as an Art

Dance as an Art

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Because i consider dance to be an art, just a different kind of art used with the motion and movement of the body, what are some ways that i can inquire my students minds differently than the usual way? When i say usual way, i mean to keep them challenged and want to come to class, its a modern dance class, and i want to teach my students how to dance hip-hop, jazz, and reggae; how would i go about doing that? i want to keep my students intrigued, with the hip hop and reggae and jazz, but I'm a little stuck. Please help.

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juliet's picture

You have a great advantage in wanting to teach jazz, hip-hop, and reggae because it is a wonderful social dance that children, teens, and adults can all relate to. A great way of approaching your instruction is to remember that just because your class is a modern dance class that doesn't mean that it won't relate to other forms of dance. Like Jazz/hip-hop/reggae culture, Modern dance would have never existed without people thinking in abstract ways of expression.
A few ways you can transition your class from not just being a modern class to be a MODERN class with modern influences are:
-Changing your music selection in class can simply change the way your students respond to your instuction.
-Assigning team building exercises through movement exploration
-Allow your students to find their own music and give them a prose as to why they chose this music and why are they moving the way that they are.
-Introduce you students to the idea of flashmobs.

I hope that these ideas are a refreshing way to look at your curriculum. Best of luck. Happy dancing.

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