What new and inventive ways are you using technology to teach your students musically? | Edutopia
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What new and inventive ways are you using technology to teach your students musically?

What new and inventive ways are you using technology to teach your students musically?

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Mary Prestipino's picture

I was wondering how many of you use technology with your Jr. High General Music Students? I've notice many have posted using garage band, but what other options are out there? Do any of you teach guitars or keyboards to your students? Do you do a music history component?

Kathryn Leonard's picture

Have you thought of looking into community music schools in your area? Many such schools offer music appreciation classes for children, introducing them to new instruments and styles of music.

Susan Gauvin's picture
Susan Gauvin
Canadian, parent, homeschooling, raised in public education

I'd like to see a mentor listing made like "Craigslist" for these purposes...I don't know of anything other than classifieds which are spuratic and unreliable. Word of mouth is difficult. Right now I rely on my neighbors daughter to play piano with my daughter once p/week. For introducing little ones to music I like www.sfskids.org and www.PianoNanny.com . Still looking for something interactive for writing music for little ones...

Susan Gauvin's picture
Susan Gauvin
Canadian, parent, homeschooling, raised in public education

I also like http://joy2learn.org although I would like to see more...much much more like this. Gregory Hines videos are excellent.

Marshall Barnes's picture
Marshall Barnes
Founder, Director of SuperScience for High School Physics

I'm going to begin using a digital sampling technique that I invented in '86 called, DEMI sampling, to teach kids about creativity, sound, composition and some basic relativity theory. The technique takes a simple multi-sound sample and turns it into what sounds like a multi-track studio that you control in real time to create original music. Currently using Casio keyboards exclusively, and will start this program in the fall, unless I find a summer program somewhere.

Claire Hogan's picture
Claire Hogan
General Music Specialist, Grades K-6, Worthington, Ohio

Thank you for keeping the arts alive in your school!

ann paris's picture

This may not be new and inventive, but I LOVE youtube to show them BAD quality of performance and GOOD quality of performance. Most of them do not know what a good quality singer sounds like! They hear the horrible shout-singing and nasal sound of "popular" singers and think that is "good". Don't get me wrong, there are some good quality singers out there in teh professional world, but there are some really bad ones! I have a blog where I address a lot of observations in my weekly blog. Come join in! http://voicesinginglessons.com/?p=3

Lynda Luce's picture
Lynda Luce
bassoon teacher - Perth Australia

I am researching the use of technology in instrumental music tuition & I'd love to hear from anyone who has incorporated technology into their instrumental music lessons.

Eyal Kaminka, Phd.'s picture
Eyal Kaminka, Phd.
Leading Educator at Joytunes

Everybody in this group writes about GB but I want to suggest another wonderful interactive tool to learn music. It's called JoyTunes. The idea is simple: most kids hate to practice (play at home) but love to play (games). So, in order to motivate them to practice and learn, JoyTunes offers them a collection of games that are controlled by the playing of real instruments (no cables, no controllers, only real live instruments). The kids play their instruments for hours, and at the same time they build up their musical skills, finger techniques, ear-training, ability to read notes, blowing (recorders) and more. You can read more about this tool in teachers' blog.


Eric S Betthauser's picture
Eric S Betthauser
6-12 music teacher in Crozet, VA

I use Garage Band with my 6th-grade General Music class. We are fortunate enough to have the resources so that each student can sit at a Mac. They enjoy it very much and tend to be quite engaged. My questions, though, are these:
1. How do you take students beyond the level of simply "playing"? Not that that's inherently bad, but, at some point, I want to be more than a glorified computer babysitter.
2. Any specific projects that you have them create with GB? I have given them prompts such as, "Recall a significant event in your life; now describe that." A co-worker has had her students create a soundtrack for a self-made silent movie, and she's had them DJ their own radio show. Others?

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