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Getting it in any way you can

Getting it in any way you can

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I wish that the arts were naturally incorporated into the curriculum. But, let's face it, that's not happening right now. So I, like many of you, throw it in any way I can! Today during summer school, I used dance to reinforce the idea of rounding numbers. I showed the kids how the two numbers you have to worry about - the place value you're rounding to and the number to the right of it - are dance partners. The number to the right had to be a "strong enough" partner to "twirl" the place value number if it was going to "change it" (i.e. make it larger by 1) otherwise, it stays the same and they just keep dancing. The barometer for strength? If the number was at least 5. Then, complete with ballet slippers - just happened to have them on today! - I had a student come up and go through some examples by actually twirling me! Not only did the kids have fun watching me dance around the room, but they said it helped them better understand rounding numbers. So, how do you sneak the arts into instruction? Share your stories - I'd love to hear them!!

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