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The Coming Tsunami

The Coming Tsunami

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I just attended the annual conference of the NAEA (National Art Education Association) in Baltimore. Despite the dire economy the convention was attended by 4,000 art teachers! They have passion and energy, but they don't have a way to convince decision-makers and the general public how critically important high quality arts education is for our kids and for our country's future. Many spoke of draconian cuts that will most likely be implemented by this fall either severely reducing programs and staff or in some cases eliminating them completely. We need a national campaign that opens the public's eyes and hearts to the need for save arts in our schools!

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Betty Ray's picture
Betty Ray
Director of Programming and Innovation

Hi BJ and thanks for your report from the front lines at the NAEA conf. I love the idea of a national campaign to create some public awareness of the need for arts in schools. What does this campaign look like? Daniel Pink's book Motivation really speaks to this, imo. What would be needed to start this campaign?

Sarah Nestheide's picture
Sarah Nestheide
High School visual arts teacher from Union, KY

I was also at the NAEA conference, and I couldn't agree more with BJ. Something constructive must be done to prevent what would be a devastating loss to our students. Arnie Duncan believes in the merits of a solid arts education. Perhaps if a grass-roots movement to keep the arts thriving in schools were to be undertaken, those in high-level positions in education would come to our aid?

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