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Arts Integration!

Arts Integration!

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I believe this group needs a new name to stand along side STEM and Technology Integration! ARTS INTEGRATION! Gale Sheaffer

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Christine Termini Passarella's picture
Christine Termini Passarella
Founder of The Kids for Coltrane Project in Education

Dulce it is so wonderful to have you join our group! You are the future and most welcome here. Your energy and passion for what you are doing is quite evident. We applaud you! Our very creative group will bring you enlightenment and encouragement. We also look forward to learning from you. This is a global world, and this forum exists to bring us these empowering connections. We are here to support one another. The beauty of the arts is that the stories of humanity are being expressed with deep feelings and language is not a barrier. All forms of art bring us closer together. I am truly thrilled to have you join us. Check out the link above, you may find it to be a good resource for your work. Best of luck!

Christine Termini Passarella's picture
Christine Termini Passarella
Founder of The Kids for Coltrane Project in Education

Hi Carol,

Once again your words inspire me. Thank you for sharing all that you do in such a unique way. You are a gift to your students. Your willingness to share is such a gift to this community as well. Thank you!

Christine Termini Passarella's picture
Christine Termini Passarella
Founder of The Kids for Coltrane Project in Education

Hi Susan,

I enjoyed looking at your site. I can really share in your passion and appreciate the creative learning environments that you are developing. Keep up the wonderful work! Stay connected with our group and invite your friends to join us.

Carol Parker's picture
Carol Parker
7/8 Drama, Film, Honors & Regular Language Arts

Christine, Thank you. You are a gift and an inspiration to me.One day we will all have to have a Southern California Conference in the Arts and all meet. The ARTS are visual and we need to be face to face!!!!

It is wonderful to meet all of you and read your creative ideas and works. You motivate me tremendously.

Do not miss THE KING'S SPEECH!! Film at its perfection!!

Dulce's picture

Carol, Christine and all of you who have read the comment, Thank you for the encouragement. I'm working my way around the information on art to create interest on people. I'm researching the meaning of an old class that lost its interest, educacion artistica (artistic education) and introducing the names of great people who dedicated their lives to include art to education like "john amos comenius" (One of my heroes)I'm going to use researches from different countries (not to compete) but to show how much can a student improve his education with arts.
Perhaps you wonder why am I dong this? well, like I said I always felt the passion for color, design, paint, etc. I completed an associates degree in computer science in Mexico (one of the most interesting carries of my choise) but never felt like I was projecting my personality through it. I remember the feelign on my hands when I'd see a white pc of paper and a pen by it. Still do... my story is long and the bottom line is that now I'm 27 years old and LOVE my carrier as a designer, the feeling in my brain as I paint, draw or design is amazing. 27 and I'm just working on those skills that were buried in my body. Why wasn't art introduced to me when I was little?
Anyways, I know I'm not the only one with hidden talents and I want to grab my story and take it reality (also searching for otehr people like me, willing to make a change in others). Is not going to be easy, that I know for there is a lot of work involved in this, but I have recieved the call and I'm willing to work on it.
Caron- there is a small library in town and don't know yet if I'll b the one incharged of the projects.
Christine- thank you for the link and the welcoming to this site. Somehow I feel stronger by you who are in the field of art and education. thank you, thankyou!!
There is a lot to say about this, and would love to continue with the conversation as well :)

Susan Riley's picture
Susan Riley
Arts Integration Specialist

What a fantastic group! Let's keep the ball rolling in this by maybe providing some more great lesson plans. I think part of the struggle with AI is creating/obtaining lesson plans that really work well and create those aha moments. Does anyone have some they'd like to share? I have a few up over on my website ( that are free if you'd like to gather some resources. But I'd love to hear what others are doing.

Katie Rogerson's picture
Katie Rogerson
Marketing & Outreach Director, Arts Integration Solutions

Opening Minds through the Arts (OMA) Foundation offers both 2-day and 4-day Arts Integration training sessions throughout the year, with local universities offering graduate credit. We have one session in Denver on Feb. 25-26th that still has spots available. We hold our Arts Integration Academy in several spots around the country over the summer. You can find out more about the OMA Model and our professional development at Arts Integration builds brains!

Watch OMA in the classroom via this fantastic Edutopia video:

Eric Levin's picture
Eric Levin
Director of Theatre Education at Southern Oregon State University

I do not see a conflict between arts and arts integration. Integration is simply using artistic skills to communicate non-artistic content. My own feeling is that integration is an excellent way to provide young students content in the very ways they already learn about the world. I teach creative dramatics and have recently led a workshop with a visual arts teacher. We did different activities, but both provided excellent content area instruction through art. It is also important to use art integration to allow students to grow thinking in a flexible manner. If art is integrated in multiple disciplines (music, visual arts, dance and drama) then students can also pursue artistic training in a more direct manner. But they are really two different thing.

Barbara Perez's picture

I use several integrative opportunities in my classroom and curriculum development. Our music and instrumental music instructors and I have just completed a unit on music/design with the opening of the Musical Instrument Museum in North Phoenix, AZ. Students have designed musical instruments in design class, and filmed visual infomercials in drama/music class. The overlap of topic and classes is clearly helping the students to produce more in-depth work. As a visual arts/visual literacy instructor I integrate with core subject areas in all grades and utilize concepts and projects from other studies in explaining/discussions of what visual art is doing. We don't live in a vacuum, we can't teach in one.

Susan Riley's picture
Susan Riley
Arts Integration Specialist

In case any of you are interested or know someone else who would be, is offering a 3-week online course on arts integration twice this summer. It covers what arts integration is, provides ways it can be used and the research supporting it, provides lesson plan examples and opportunities for writing them and then guides you through writing an implementation plan for your individual school. Plus, you end up with an online portfolio that you can take back with you. If you'd like more info, try this link:
This course has limited spots available, so if you'd like to register you might want to do so soon. I think it would help a lot of people on this forum to identify the differences and similarities between arts ed and arts integration and to recognize and utilize the value of both!

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