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What's happening when we're engaged in the arts

Stephen Hurley Grade Eight Teacher, Group Moderator, Facilitator/teacher arts@newman


Many of you are likely involved in varying levels of advocacy for the arts in your schools. And its likely that the need to promote the value of the arts swings, depending on who is in authority, how much money is available for programs, and what the political context is like at the time.

And although the language around arts integration is starting to roll off of the tongues of teachers and administrators, I'm not convinced that the critical mass around the value of the arts has shifted significantly.

The questions that I find myself asking these days have to do with the sorts of things are happening (cognitively and otherwise) when students are involved in the arts that might not be happening when engaged in other disciplinary activity.

Do we talk about arts integration merely as a way of making up for "lost time" in our classrooms? In other words, is integration a way of dealing with the fact that we don't have time to negotiate all of the required curriculum expectations and standards or is there something deeper and more visceral happening when we introduce the arts as a type of connective tissue?

Rather philosophical for a Monday night, but I'll throw it out there anyways!


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