Whether you're an experienced arts educator, or a teacher looking for ways to bring life to your curriculum through visual arts, music, drama and dance, this group will provide a place to meet, share, and imagine!

Bringing back the ARTS to our schools

CNYIAP Founder CNYIAP Founder, Ph.D. education

In my career as an educator, I have observed/witnessed the dissatisfaction of many parents with school curricula that do not include the arts as a main academic component. Jewish and Asian families, for example, have deep respect for the arts, and consider this element as an integral aspect of individuals'

Concerned with this situation, we have developed a new initiative, so far at a local level, Syracuse, New York:
Central New York Institute of Academics and Performance Charter School.

Please visit our Blog http://cnyinstituteofacademicsandperformance.blogspot.com/

We welcome all your comments/reaction/suggestions. Express your opinions in that blog.

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