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Choice-Based Visual Arts Classroom?

April Whitehead 6-8th Art teacher in Southeast Texas

Do any members have experience with TAB (Teaching for Artistic Behavior) or Choice-Based art education?

I am a 2nd year, 6-8 art teacher in a rural district, and I'm hoping to improve the level of engagement and independence in my classes with choice-based art. I've been very dissatisfied with what seems to be huge lack of creativity and problem-solving in my students. My assigned projects this year have almost all been flops, and I want to try something more open-ended. Any advice?

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If you have not tried Da

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If you have not tried Da Vinci, Michelangelo, this age group loves their lives and their art.

I also show "I am Sam" and we talk/write about being different and I list the rights of developmentally disabled. Interesting responses of children. the courts and what is fair.

Also, "The Boy is Striped Pajamas" is very popular. Genocide is important. We go to the Holocaust Memorial Museum website and learn more about people. They draw pictures of their perception inside Auschwitz. They write letters stopping hatred and think deeply...

"I Never Saw Another Butterfly" is also very beautiful. The book and play is a stunning work of art. Your children will freeze in awe.

Social Issues in art have brought me unforgettable moments with our young students.

Do you have the space and

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Do you have the space and materials to set up centers around a theme? That way students can explore a theme artistically through the medium they choose. Not only could you place the materials needed at each center, but also some information on utilizing the items along with pictures of how other artists have explored with the same material. At the end of a work period, the students could either write or present one or two things they learned about working with that media and other students could journal that information for later use.

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Teach creativity

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Have you thought about trying to teach creativity. There are approaches to creativity such as "SCAMPER" that may give your regular projects a new twist.

Middle School Art Teacher in the Northwest

Check out From Ordinary to

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Check out From Ordinary to Extraordinary by Ken Vieth

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