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New to PBL - Need help with driving question! Math and Art!!

New to PBL - Need help with driving question! Math and Art!!

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My administrator and I are collaborating on doing project based learning for the last 6 - 7 weeks. The task at hand: Students are given 4 masterpieces in which they have to survey x amount of people and see which artwork is favored among the group. Next as a group they will have to replicate the painting. This will deal with scale, lines, angles, etc. We need some help with a driving question? We understand we should have done that first but we got the ball rolling and we were brainstorming. This is all we have thus far. We think its too broad or even too vague? How does math influence art? Thoughts, help! Note this is for a 5th grade math class but we are integrating it with art :)

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