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Christopher Wegner High School English & Drama Teacher

In light of a lack of funding I wrote a play for my drama & English class students in 2009. It's been performed & being picked up by other teachers in the LAUSD. I wanted to share the opportunity with others. It involves a mythology I created based in a lot of different mythologies. There is Lodi: a demi-god, Dante: a human who has lost his family in a fire, Sage: a wise woman who has the curse of prescience, Lily: the Mother of Purity and a few "mythological" creatures. I was wondering how I might get this out to anyone nationwide that might want to put on a free (30 - 40 minute) play that I designed specifically as a teaching tool complete with PowerPoint highlighting symbols, allusions, name meanings & 71 SAT level vocabulary words. I use it in both Drama & English classes.

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