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Administrative Walkthroughs

Administrative Walkthroughs

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I am planning on working with my administrative team to develop an effective walkthrough procedure in order to further assist my teachers with their instruction and professional growth. This being said, can anyone share with me specific resources you have come across or templates that you utilize to provide teachers feedback?

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Cristina Tuckness's picture
Cristina Tuckness
MarCom Specialist, Educator

For an administrator to be successful in reaching teachers, he must decide on school-wide goals, grade-level goals, and personal goals for each educator he visits. Each visit should have a checklist with the identified goals, so that walking into a classroom means the same thing to the teacher as it does to the administrator.

In my Reading Specialist credential, I was introduced to a set of checklists that really changed the way I looked not only at my own teaching, but at how to evaluate other educators. One of my professors brought much attention to the fact that even though walkthroughs are popular, there is no research that shows improved student achievement. He stated, " The Upper Elementary Walk-Through document notes that there is no research evidence linking walk-throughs with student achievement; however, they are becoming increasingly popular with administrators and reading coaches. If walk-through procedures are not followed appropriately, clearly, and consistently, they may produce hostility and distrust among teachers and there is a danger of collecting superficial data."

As I searched the web for more info on positive effects of walkthroughs, I found this article on a study done at a Houston high school. I am familiar with this high school, since my parents almost sent me to this school before we moved to another suburb of Houston. One main reason I believe this study showed successful walkthrough procedures is because the Spring Branch School District has high standards for it's employees, students and parents. When administrators treat educators and students with respect, walkthroughs bring collaboration and cooperation into working relationships.

If you would like me to forward my coaching & reading observation forms, please feel free to email me:

Heather Wolpert-Gawron's picture

You also may want to consider allowing departments to provide a draft of some standards that they agree should be in the rooms. That way you also have some buy-in because the teachers have been brought into the process. Also, it won't be such a mystery. It's like showing a student the rubric first, allowing the student to rewrite it, then include a spot for input about what they believe is important to see.

-Heather Wolpert-Gawron

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