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Administrative Walkthroughs

Administrative Walkthroughs

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I am planning on working with my administrative team to develop an effective walkthrough procedure in order to further assist my teachers with their instruction and professional growth. This being said, can anyone share with me specific resources you have come across or templates that you utilize to provide teachers feedback?

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Joe Brown's picture

A few years ago I became a State trainer for the Classroom Walkthrough Model endoresed by Teachscape. This is a very comprehensive form. Training is a two-day affair. One nice aspect to the Teachscape product is if the observations are entered on-line then reports can be generated which offer great fodder for PLC discussions.

Teachscape has the capacity to record CWT on a handheld device. Previous to Teachscape I used a product called The Adminsitrative Observer and that also could be used on a handheld device. One thing I really like about the Administrative Observer was that the "look fors" could be customized and could be used not only for teachers but staff, paraprofessionals, cafeteria workers and custodians.

Eric Sheninger's picture
Eric Sheninger
Principal at New Milford High School


Do you have links to information on the products you spoke about?

Nancy Corner's picture

I suggest you google Carolyn Downey and her "Three Minute Classroom Walk-Through..." It is very specific as to "look fors" and efficient. All of the administrators in my district have received this training.

Eric Sheninger's picture
Eric Sheninger
Principal at New Milford High School

Can anyone recommend any computer applications that they either use or have heard of to collect and analyze walk-through data?

Beckie Bouchard's picture

I have found communicating in advance what the "look-fors" will be and the use of a locally developed form to work well with staff. Post data analysis try to provide peer observation (w/ no more than 2-3 people in a classroom at a time) focused on a pre-determined school or department "problem of practice."

joe kent's picture

Hi Eric, the Look 2 Learn model we use allows each adminstrator to collect walk-through data with a PDA. I do 4 minute walkthroughs on a daily basis. After as many walks as you would like- You can download the data collected on your PDA into the Look 2 Learn program and it will provide you with all of your gathered data in a rather organized and focused presentation format. You can then hook up to an LCD projector and go over all collected data with your staff. It is a wonderful tool to use. I would imagine there are other models available, but the Look 2 Learn model I'm speaking of was developed by John Antonetti, Jim Garver, and Lori Garver. You can probably find more information on it if you looked into through Solution Tree (

JSGoodrich's picture
Curriculum resource/staff

WE spent time working with the staff to develop a learning environment checklist,a high quality teaching checklist and a student engagement checklist. The focus for the walk through changed as needed. There was a baseline walkthrough for each topic then follow up for areas of concern.

Bill Carozza's picture
Bill Carozza
Principal, Harold Martin School, Hopkinton, NH

I have been a proponent of walk-throughs but I find it a bit harder than my colleagues when the elementary classroom by nature is much less teacher directed. I find myself completing mostly narratives as the primary classroom especially is very fluid. Can anyone share templates that admins are using in the elementary school-esp. primary grades? Thanks.

Frank Tom's picture

Hi Eric,
Suggest you consider the following context:
Frame this important work by involving dept chairs to set the stage (orientation, discussion, agreement, training, planning, etc) to involve all teachers thereafter. At the emerging stage of this initiative (Year 1), focus on one core schoolwide instructional practice that will accelerate student learning and engagement. That means the biggest bang for all stakeholders (adm., dept chairs, leadership team, and more importantly - Students)efforts and time.
Good Luck,
Frank - (415-328-6770)

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