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Administrative Walkthroughs

Administrative Walkthroughs

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I am planning on working with my administrative team to develop an effective walkthrough procedure in order to further assist my teachers with their instruction and professional growth. This being said, can anyone share with me specific resources you have come across or templates that you utilize to provide teachers feedback?

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JSGoodrich's picture
Curriculum resource/staff

We focus on the students when doing the walk through - this alleviates the problem at the elementary level of worrying that the teacher can't be observed 'teaching'. The walk through focus is observing the learning that is going on in the room; sometimes just count the students who are engaged and get some data! Of the 25 students, how many were really on task? With more time, we ask the students, "What are you learning today?" We get some amazing answers and the responses reveal a great deal about lesson objectives and planning. When doing feedback with the teacher - again the focus is on the learning and not (directly) what the teacher did or did not do - thus reaffirming the school vision to focus on student growth.....and what can I do (as a teacher) to promote it?

Deron Durflinger's picture
Deron Durflinger
Secondary Principal, Van Meter Schools, Van Meter, IA


We use a program called ewalk. We have an app on the ipod touch. It uploads to the web so we can access the information very easily. We use it to collect and share data with our teachers. I can share more with you if you would like.


Bill Carozza's picture
Bill Carozza
Principal, Harold Martin School, Hopkinton, NH

HI Deron-did a search for ewalk and found the Kentucky site. Do you know how my district can look at it?



Pamela Cole's picture

Our district (Milwaukee Public Schools) has developed a district-wide walk through (Learning-At-A-Glance L@G), our learning team is responsible for doing the walk throughs, until teachers are trained to become walkers. It is a wonderful tool! It is not used as a evaluation tool, it is used to help with instruction. If interested in a copy please get back to me more than willing to shared, we always don't have to re-invent the wheel. Pam Cole (Student Assessment Coordinator~Keefe Avenue

Pamela Cole's picture

My school district, MPS, Milwaukee Public School have been using walk through for several years. We have just recently updated our walk through and we now call them L@G(Learning-At-A-Glance. The Learning Team is first trained, then teaching staff to conduct the walk througs. The tool is used for aiding staff in becoming the most effective teacher possible not as an evaluative tool. I am more than willing to share the tool. Why re-invent the wheel?

JSGoodrich's picture
Curriculum resource/staff

The key, as many commentators have suggested, is not to use a walk through "as an evaluative tool"; or more so, the real key is to help the staff believe that this is true. We all speak of feedback and its timeliness as part of the walk through process; I think we need to focus on the quality and effectiveness of feedback as well as the delivery style if we hope to use walk throughs as vehicles for improving instruction. Let's widen the discussion to look at what happens after the walk through?

Eric Sheninger's picture
Eric Sheninger
Principal at New Milford High School

Some fantastic feedback and discussion. As many said, the key to a successful walk-through protocol is to use it as a reflective tool and conversation catalyst on best practices, NOT as an evaluation tool. I have decided to use the tool developed by Teachscape as I can access it both on my Blackberry/iPad, can customize the look fors, and there is even a web-based application that my teachers can utilize to discuss/reflect on each walkthrough. There are even resource libraries and discussion forums to be used in conjunction w/ our PLC's. Has anyone else use the Teachscape product?

Jim Garver's picture

Solution Tree no longer represents the authors of Look 2 Learning. You can get more info at (The authors of L2L also developed the Teachscape model, but this is an improved protocol that focuses on learning, rather than teaching.)

Jim Garver's picture

Solution Tree no longer represents the authors of Look 2 Learning. You can find more information on L2L at the authors of L2L also created the Teachscape model, but this improved protocol focuses on learning in classrooms, rather than teaching.

Robin Ruiz's picture
Robin Ruiz
Seventh Grade Inclusion Teacher from Central Florida

Eric we used a book by Sally J. Zepeda called Informal Classroom Observations. There are 40 tools. Instead of making a copy and handwriting my notes and then scanning a copy. I typed each one out.I found the areas the Tools identified were needs related with
Professional Development,and Classroom Management. Some of the tools are great Informal Classroom Observation. For instance, at our district the " Bosses" do a 3 minute walk through. It is NOT a 3 minute walk through. Some of the administrators take 20 minutes while others take 10.

Tool 4 Informal Classroom Observation LEQ and Summarizing
Tool 5 PD Selective Verbatim: Classroom Management Praise,Correction, prevention prompts
Tool 6 Informal Classroom Observation Open ended Notes 8 minutes
Tool 7 Professional Development Open Ended: Key Areas Open
Tool 11 Data Collecting: Cooperative Learning Data Collecting:
Tool 13 PD Observation:Seating Chart CM Observation: Seating Chart
Tool 15 PD Blooms Taxonomy-Q&A
Tool 19 PD Tracking Calling patterns CM Tracking Calling patterns
Tool 22 PD Variety Of Instructional materials CM Scaffolding, Differentiating
Tool 23 PD Examining Teacher/Student Dialogue
Tool 25 Informal Observation Tracking student Behavior CM RTI
Tool 26 PD Tracking Classroom Traffic CM Student Mobility and Teacher interactions
Tool 31 Teacher Behaviors promoting engaged learners
Tool 33 Informal Observation Ongoing Running Notes observation sheet
Tool 34 PD Post observation Feedback
This is a tool guide

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