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Teacher Connectivity @ Home

Dave Sapp

I am in the Central Michigan area. Most teachers live in very rural areas with no access to cable and little or no cell phone connectivity. I know there are always some teachers that have trouble with integrating technology into their classrooms but I don't think I am talking about that group, but maybe. Recently, I came up with this idea. Is the lack of home connectivity one of the primary factors in less technology integration in our rural classrooms? The teachers haven't had an opportunity to have technology available at their finger tips for easy simple searches, notifications, networking etc. They haven't had their family members able to model that behavior. In general I am saying exposure is a problem in rural america.

I am interested because I thought there were stimulus funds earmarked for improving Internet Access in rural areas but I haven't heard anything about it. With some input from group members I thought I'd start writing some of our representatives and senators to see what has happened. Any suggestions? I am curious to see what you think.

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