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Challenges Facing Administrators

Challenges Facing Administrators

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Even though we all live and work in different parts of the country or world, it is safe to assume that we face many of the same challenges on a daily basis. I thought it would be beneficial to start a discussion on the various challenges that all of us face and as a group try assist each other in overcoming them. Probably one of the biggest challenges I face has to due with the budget. I have been in my district for 6 years and have not seen a penny increase in that time. Each year I am forced to think outside the box and do more with less for the sake of my students and staff. How am I to integrate technology if I do not have the financial to do so? This is just one of many issue that arise as a result of the budget dilemma (you can also add replacement textbooks, desks, paper, etc. to that list). Any suggestions? Here is a list of some other challenges that I think we all face: -Budget -Hiring/retaining Qualified Staff - Removing tenured teachers - Internet filtering - Condition of facilities - Rising ESL/ELL populations

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