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Establishing a middle school PTSA when you only have students for 2 years?

joe kent

As a middle school prinicpal I've spent a lot of time trying to establish a solid PTSA organization. My school serves students for their 7th / 8th grade years only. The 6th grade is part of our elementary schools. Is there an administrator out there that has dealt with or is dealing with this same problem? I would certainly like to know how you've addressed it and whether you're experiencing success.

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Education and Outreach - Arts for Social Change Director

From the PTSA perspective

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The key to building is successful 2 yr PTSA is to know your resources. The parents that were involved in PTO at the grade school level are often eager to continue their involvement but aren't given the information necessary to be successful. If you want a strong PTSA start by visiting the PTO meetings of your feeder grade schools. Let those parents know that you are excited to have them and that there is a place for them at your school. Identify those families with parents who have a history of school involvement not only at the PTO level but on site councils and other district committees. It takes some work but by reaching out to those who are already leaders in the parent community you can build a strong two year PTSA.

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