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Helping new teachers prevent disillusionment

Helping new teachers prevent disillusionment

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Check out my latest Ed Week blog post, New Teacher Disillusionment: Inevitable or Preventable?, for thoughts on why new teachers are susceptible to disillusionment, and suggestions for helping them prevent it. Based on my experiences as a disillusioned newbie 18 years ago, and supporting hundreds of new teachers as a coach, professor, and administrator since then. Please share your thoughts AND share with your new teachers!

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Rebecca Alber's picture
Rebecca Alber
Edutopia Consulting Online Editor

Thanks, David, for sharing your expertise. To administrators, remember, even just a few personalized messages to your new teachers throughout the school year can make all the difference!

A brief hand-written note in his/her teacher's mailbox, and a quick peak in a classroom door with a "good morning, Ms. Alber" make all the difference in the world. My first year teaching I had a principal like this and, after a year of some of the greatest challenges of my life, I stayed in that "tough" school another year, then another and then six more. He definitely influenced this decision.


Kevin Crosby's picture
Kevin Crosby
Educator and School Counselor / Trinidad School District #1

What are the causes of disillusionment?

Doing our best the eliminate the causal factors is key, but easier said than done.

jamescruise's picture

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Robin Ruiz- Teacherparent's picture
Robin Ruiz- Teacherparent
Middle School Integrated Curriculum-Aspiring Leader-Lifelong Learner

That was me ten years ago!
We should have another discussion called, "How to Help vested, highly qualified,and certified Aspiring AP Leaders prevent disillusionment!
Ten years ago, I was passionate,positive, creative, energetic,open, and a professional teacher who kept looking for answers in the unread chapters of the education books from the college courses. It was very different than what my expectations were. The perfect world? No!
Then ten years later I saw a need to help the system. Where does the system break down. I will get my Masters in Ed leadership and become a great leader.
My college graduate work was the whipped cream, cherries and roasted pecans on top of the sundae. My E portfolio was a significant master piece.
two years later- My school district requires yet another proof of measure- Portfolios, evaluations, oral and written exams-and still another hype- I am not diverse enough to land a job in my county. I am plentiful- white, middle age and a woman. So where do I go now? I am passionate,positive,creative, energetic,open,intelligent and professional.
I want to get my doctorate, I crave education- but where and how will I fit in this system called education?

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