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Embedded Professional Development

Eric Sheninger Principal at New Milford High School

I am currently working with my administrative team to drastically reduce non-instructional duty periods (i.e. lunch, hall, ISS, etc.) and replace with a professional growth period. This arose from a conversation with teacher leaders about embedding professional development into the instructional day as the business world does. At this point each teacher will have two or three 48 minute periods a week to engage in professional growth. In addition to cross-curricular project development and administrator-led PD, I am looking to institute PD 360 ( does anyone use and/or have experience with this product? If so I would love some feedback.

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We've used PD 360 and it is a

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We've used PD 360 and it is a huge waste of resources. Most teachers aren't motivated to engage in pd with a recorded video when they have so many other things to do. A site is no substitute for collaboration with other teachers and that's what they really want, a chance to do vertical and cross-curricular planning, opportunities to discuss specific students and school-specific troubleshooting. You can't do that with a consultant in a box.

Bottom line: It wasn't used and the teachers didn't discuss it with each other.

Principal, Douglas J. Regan Intermediate School, Starpoint CSD

Embedded Professional Development

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Eric - I can't speak regarding the product you mentioned. However, at our middle school, we used teaming to create a schedule which allowed time for both teacher supervisory duties and collaborative planning time at the team and content area/grade level daily. I'd be happy to share, if your interested.

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