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Common Core State Standards

Common Core State Standards

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My favorite part about summer is having time to reflect and begin thinking about the possibilities of the upcoming school year. Oklahoma is one of forty-four states who have adopted the Common Core State Standards. I have attended several conferences on the issue and will be attending the 2011 Curriculum Institute National Conference on Common Core State Standards in Chicago and am excited about the idea of common standards. What are you currently doing now to transition your school and prepare your students for these standards in the year 2014?

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Ms. Bea's picture
Ms. Bea

This is a GREAT question. I have to say that no matter what the curriculum is, teachers need to follow brain compatible teaching strategies. I also encourage all teachers and schools to be mindful of the stresses of new curriculum adoptions. When teachers are stressed, students are stressed. Over-stressed students and learning don't go together. Some resources: and

Best wishes to all of you moving to the Common Core State Standards.

Carl Dobbin's picture

This is a great reflection question. I believe that every school and staff must believe in a common core that teacher effectiveness will heighten student performance and achievement. The common core is the overarching key to student learning and achievement. It is vital to get staff to embrace the belief that every student can and should learn. My mission is students, student learning and student achievement.

Andrea Pless's picture
Andrea Pless
Instructional Leader

Our state has adopted all new standards for all core content areas. As well our district is focusing on a concept based approach which is also new. And our School is part of a huge TIF grant researching teacher compensation. The pressure is on. As an instructional leader, I continually focus my thoughts and speech on the enduring truth that good instruction is still good instruction. There are always new goals and goal posts...but if we focus on continual improvement of our craftsmanship and efficacy we will move forward!

Steve's picture
Assistant Principal at Enloe High School, Raleigh, NC

I think my district has worked to help our teachers transistion to the common core. There have been a number of trainings during the past school year and there is a 2 day Common Core session scheduled at the beginning of August. As an instructional leader, I have been trying to work with teachers in unpacking and gaining a true understanding of what the standards are asking teachers and students to do. A large portion of our staff development plan revolves around PLC groups working with the Common Core standards.

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