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Enhancing Teachers' Strengths and Supporting Teachers' Challenges

Hubert V. Yee social media and marketing manager of startup

A former colleague of mine was "strongly recommended" to teach a class that was not her area of focus. The following email I received reminded me of how detrimental such a situation is when teachers are ill-prepared. From an administrator's perspective what mechanisms are there to support teachers who face such challenges?

I was forwarded this email...

I ran across this technology class that was trying to build capacitor powered model airplanes. It looks like they had plenty of tools and materials but no knowledge of aerodynamics. Not a single airplane they built actually flew, they just threw the planes as hard as they could.

The following email was from someone who had gone to that school:

I am in the UK and was schooled here, albeit in pre-internet days. Learning metalwork (metal shop) I was taught by a former apprentice of the Edison Electric Light Co. On his retirement, he was replaced by some clueless [person], who had it all on paper, but didn't know how to operate a hand file. Worse still, because of all of those qualifications, they put him in charge of the whole (metal and woodwork) department...

That is my idea of sad.

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