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iPads, Droid Tablets, Kindles & Nooks

Jim Peiffer Principal, Douglas J. Regan Intermediate School, Starpoint CSD

I'm curious as to whether or not any of your districts/schools are using these devices and, if so, how? Are they strictly being used like mobile computer labs, or are students allowed to take them home? Does your AUP reflect the implementation of these devices and, if so, how?

Any and all input is greatly appreciated!

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Principal at New Milford High School

Quote: Does anyone have any

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Does anyone have any experience using tablets for their administrative team? I was thinking about getting tablets so that our admins have easier access to school/student data. They're a lot easier to carry around and access. Even more so than laptops or netbooks.

My entire administrative team has an iPad for the primary use of conducting classroom walk-throughs. We use a program by Teachscape
The program is very reasonably priced and can also be used on a Blackberry to collect data.

IPads everywhere!

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We began implementing 5 iPad per class pilots in classrooms across various grade levels. This gave lots of teachers a chance to see them in action. Many schools are using their own budget to purchase. We used the data as a district to fund our social studies adoption. We didn't buy textbooks this time- we bought 15 iPads for each 6th and 7th grade class. We went with a 2:1 instead of 1:1 - primarily because of funding - but also because we wanted to increase collaboration. We trained each teacher to manage his/her 15. Each class now has a laptop for syncing, an LCD projector, a doc cam, 2 iTouches, and wireless access. We also purchaed 50 iPads form our preschools and another 50 for our students with significant disabilities. Both of these are being supported by special educators using the tools for increased accessibility. About 50% of our administrators use iPads at their buildings.

Principal, Thousand Oaks High School

Question. Purchase req issue

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Question. Purchase req issue aside, would you consider the Kindle?

Technology Education Twin Cities MN

Texting Survey

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Our school is in the middle of trying to upgrade to Ipads and Ipod mobile labs as well. As a high school teacher, almost all of my students have a cell phone at school. So instead of fighting it, I will use various web base surveys. I can create the survey ahead of time, and in class the students will text a number, and we are able to get instant feedback on the screen from that class. There are programs that will do the same thing if your school has "Clickers" But this is a fun way for the students, and it Does not cost your school any money.

Assistant Principal Denton Ryan High School


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Our district is buying all Administrators and I Pad this year so that we can use them in the appraisal process, and they are easier to carry around than the cheap laptops they had in the past. I am excited to see the other ares that these can assist me in my role as a campus leader.

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