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iPads, Droid Tablets, Kindles & Nooks

iPads, Droid Tablets, Kindles & Nooks

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I'm curious as to whether or not any of your districts/schools are using these devices and, if so, how? Are they strictly being used like mobile computer labs, or are students allowed to take them home? Does your AUP reflect the implementation of these devices and, if so, how? Any and all input is greatly appreciated!

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Matt Ernst's picture
Matt Ernst
Tech. Coordinator at Sacred Heart School

Considering ipads or ipod touch to upgrade wireless cart and lab. Really could use some input from other schools, tooo.

Scott S. Floyd's picture

We use Touches and iPads throughout our district. They are used in stations at the elementary more than anywhere. Kids do not take them home, but many kids bring their own to school. Our AUP covers any electronic device used on our network whether we buy it or they bring it. Same rules apply: do the right thing.

We are in the middle of writing a grant to go 1:1 with the iPad2 at the middle school level while implementing PBL concurrently. With the cameras, iMovie, Garageband, and more apps than ever, it seems like a great fit. We already utilize Google Apps and Wordpress blogs with staff and students, so it will be a good fit with those tools as well.

Carolina Bojorquez's picture

Our school does not have any of these objects, but I use them by asking the students to bring in either of the items (iPad, iTouch or iPhone, or android phone) to class. If they don't have one, I tell them to ask a nice friend if they can borrow it for my class only.

So far what I have been doing with these is downloading free apps that they can use to learn and practice. For example, I am a language teacher, so for our Japanese lesson, I had them download a free app that helps them learn key strokes of the characters and helps practice pronunciation. They can hear the sound over and over, until they feel they can say it correctly.

For my Spanish classes, I had students download a free translating app (if we can't beat them join them-we often discourage translating in foreign languages but they do it anyway, so might as well teach them how to look up words correctly). After they download the wordreference.com app they complete a vocabulary activity. Those that do not have their electronic devices can use the good old dictionary from our in class library.

I have also had them use these devices for completing polls, surveys, mini quizzes and I am working on planning a tagging activity where they can take pictures, describe it and tag their friends, post it on our class Facebook, etc.

I'm hoping to do more activities. I would love to have a full set of these devices to make things easier, but sometimes they just have to share one device.

Laurie Vent's picture

We use ipods, ipod touches and ipads in elementary classrooms - especially title I and special ed. There are so many apps now that the students use to practice skills or to read and do research at their desks. We find the students are very engaged and will stick with the assignment when using these devices. School owned devices stay at school. We have one of the new ipad carts and it works great.

Topher Mueller's picture
Topher Mueller
Director of Education Technology PK-8

We're looking to retire some 'dinosaur' desktops with iPads for centers in Kinder and First. At that age, it's natural for them to control something with touch, and the rich education apps are growing and growing.

I would love to talk with anyone using or contemplating them for primary grades, so we can share a list of apps, and notes on usage. Please reply to this comment or visit my website so we can chat

We have macbooks in 2-5 and a laptop program in 6-12. In my opinion, any tool/app used on a tablet can be found and used on a laptop in the classroom, but the convenience and mobility of a tablet will force us to eventually allow them instead of bringing laptops. My concern is the great amount of writing grade 6-8 does - it's just not reasonable on a tablet.

For your consideration: Is keyboarding going by the wayside with the popularity of mobile devices, specifically tablets?

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