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The FDA Approves Imaging Diagnostics App for iPhone

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Dear Colleagues,

I know it is Super Bowl Sunday across America and the World...

It is also a Momentous Day in the History of Modern Medicine
across America and the World...

and having been a School Principal who strongly believes that
we have a responsibility to be Leaders-in-Learning as well as
CEO's of our School, I am sharing this Breaking News with you all today, so that tomorrow morning after all the Hoopla and
beer-drinking is over, you can inform your teachers that over the weekend:
"The FDA Approved an Imaging Diagnostics Application for
Apple's iPhone" and consequently:
"The iPhone is the Future of Healthcare"
as documented in the same-named article
by Dr. Thomas Stewart
Chief of Medicine at Mount Sinai Hospital
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

All available online for free with mind-boggling Medical Diagnostic
Imaging Examples on actual iPhones at:

"Patently Apple" (the website that follows Patent Applications and Patent Approvals by Apple, Inc.

dated: February 5, 2011


Allen Berg

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