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Google Keeps Changing the World of Education

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Dear Colleagues,

The Art Project by Google: Museums around the World

Brand New February 2, 2011 posted by Allen

Google keeps on inventing New Products and Services for its worldwide audience = all of us...

Now you can visit museums all around the world for free and at your leisure and choosing:
The Muesum of Modern Art (MOMA) in New York City
The Palce at Versailles, France
The Hermitage in St.Petersburg, Russia
The Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, The Netherlands
The Uffizi Palace in Florence, Italy
And view up-close and personal hundreds masterful paintings...

"The Future of Education is Now" -- A Commentary by Allen

This was an internet project-in-waiting, an obvious resource to be coordinated and produced; Google is pre~eminent in the World and keeps on creating the Best There Is...

Recently launching their Google Patent Search (7 million Patents with the original official text and engineering diagrams)
they revolutionized STEM Education overnight.
Now with Google Art Project, they revolutionized Art History Education overnight.

Believe me, more "disruptive educational resources" are on their way...
Schools and Teachers and Administrators must take note:
Because your students now have access to Education and Knowledge
way beyond "The Old Paradigm"
of "Teachers Give a Lecture and assign Homework"...
The Internet is Collaborative and "Wickified" (getting more and more Wikis and Wikispaces)
And MIT Open Courseware is online and free:
I have posted a semester syllabus for College "Mechanical Engineering" at my High School Geometry Wikispace...
That course teaches more STEM than most High School Teachers will ever know...

And Wikipedia is the Number One Worldwide Encyclopedia...
"Genius" truly is now a "Collective Noun"...


Allen Berg

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