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Wikis in Schools: a "Disruptive Innovation"...

Allen Berg curriculum and projects learning centers

Dear School Administrators,

The enclosed real email letter is to a colleague who teaches
High School Geometry in a large public school (2,000 students),
and upon sending it this morning, I realized that it could be a timely discussion for your group as well...

I am a 'retired classroom teacher' but still an active teacher and learner, who just spent the Holiday Vacation creating my first ever "School Wiki" with the goal of "enlivening" my colleague's
HS Geometry Curriculum...

But as the email indicates, the quite engaging interactive fun educational "work-in-progress" I created at WikiSpaces and shared with my colleague on Tuesday January 4th, would definitely "Knock over the Apple Cart"!!! at her School...

So that is "On Hold Indefinitely..."

But because I am active here at Edutopia in other groups: STEM and PBL, and Arts, etc. I thought that this subject could become a New Year "Discussion Topic" and/or even its own new Group:
"Wikis in Schools" or "Wikified Schools" here at Edutopia...

Please Remember though, I am a Techno Newbie "Creator of a
Wiki-in-Progress", NOT an Expert in New Technologies...
So what I am proposing here, is a Topic for Discussion and Sharing of Resources and Experiences...for the mutual benefit of us all...

"Disruptive Technologies" are Not An Easy Fix to Implement at Schools" or any Organization... but we do need to deal with them
in Collaborative Win-Win Ways...

I would be happy to receive any comments and suggestions, etc.


Allen Berg


Dear J.

TGIF... (have a good weekend...)

As we quickly learned, early this week :-) Wikis-in-Schools is a "Disruptive Innovation"
that will "Knock over the Apple Cart" in any Public School... and therefore must be planned for
and discussed School-wide with all the Staff way before implementation...

One exception that comes to mind, is its use in an Honors Class, where there is already the acknowledgement and acceptance of using "Advanced Learning Tools with Advanced Students"...

The book (and only book I found online) that addresses the
"School-wide Issue of Using Classroom Wikis" is "Wikified Schools" by Stephanie Sandler: 2009

The Table of Contents seems quite organized and comprehensive: including the all important "Administration" (Principal's Office), Teachers Professional Development, and Departmental Collaborations, etc.

This stuff is all way beyond me (and like I mentioned, could be way too much "Extra Stuff" for you to consider, especially Mid-Year...)

I don't know your Principal's background or Leadership Plan for your School...
So I won't even ask the question...

enuf sed 4 now...

Have a Good Weekend...

Kind Regards...


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Hi Allen, Thank you for

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Hi Allen,

Thank you for inviting me to this group and to this topic! I am replying to this late in the evening after a busy night of working/writing and watching the BCS championship game :-) -- so I can't contribute much of substance this evening. However, as you are aware, this is a topic of great interest to me and I would love to share ideas and examples with this group.

I will check back this week when I have more time to contribute.


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