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Making legislation that effectively establishes Emotional and social leraning as a part ofbasic education

Sharae Montgomery

Currently PA has a character education section in its PA school code. I want to make it more effective by making it a part of basic education and requiring assesment of the effectiveness of the programs with the use of support cards, and other methods designed to measure developmental assets. I want to make it a part of basic education and require that our cirriculm be designed to not only teach academics but that it also attends to the developmental needs of our students and helps them make the transition to adult life at their highest possible level. The biggest problem and opposition is the cost. Can someone help me put the cost into perspective. That is not necessarily my field of expertise. I don't think the cost should be that great most of the initiatives can be incorporated into current cirriculm. Any suggestions on how to handle the preceived cost?

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