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school governance

Terry Ayres

Here in the UK school governing bodies/boards are the executive with responsibilities that include budget control,staff recruitment, staffing levels and policy.

What I do know is that here more and more work and responsibility is ever growing and we accept it as part of the job,however what galling that when it comes to a national debate on education we are sidelined - maybe it is because we are unpaid volunteers and not considered 'professional'. Is it the same in the USA, perhaps someone can enlighten me.

My own experience of governance is one of joy, even in hard times when difficult decisions have to be made, and working with school staff for nearly twenty years I have come to appreciate their value - I like many were of the impression that they worked short hours and had long holidays, nothing can be further than the truth.

I do believe that governors should like teachers embrace new technology in carrying out their work;white boards are now becoming the norm as a teaching tool - why can't governors use paperless technology to conduct their meetings, it saves schools money, more efficient that paper system and it is ''Green'.

A little about my school. Seacroft Grange is a small state school located in a less than affluent inner city area and was once considered to be one of the least successful schools in the UK. Today after many years of trial and tribulation we are not rated in the level of successful state schools. The secret of our success is simple (i) we are not prepared to accept second best (ii) we give time to anyone who has an idea bright or otherwise (iii) If there is not a rule that says we cannot do it and if it enhances the quality of education we do it. Incidentally it was our governing body who made the decision to go 'paperless'.

Kind regards

Terry Ayres
School Governor

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Going paperless

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When you say your governing body is going paperless, what exactly is no longer paper-based? Are your strategic plans managed paperless?

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