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Advice for recruiting Head of School for a new charter middle school

Jeff Vierling

I am part of a Head of School search committee for a new PBL charter middle school in Durango, CO due to open next year (2011). We are looking for low-cost ways to reach potential applicants, and I'm wondering if anyone here has done this before and could recommend some resources or strategies.

thank you!

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Educational Psychologist and Consultant at Lori Day Consulting

Strategy for Recruiting a Head of School for a Charter School

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Hi Jeff,

I was recently the Head of School at an independent day school north of Boston. I received many listserves from NAIS, and sometimes the listserves mentioned open positions. One day I saw a listserve that advertised a Head of School opening at a charter school in Providence, and when I read the description, the perfect candidate came to mind. Bill Lyons at Independent Thinking was running the search (often the same headhunting agencies that work with private schools also work with charter schools, and some of the smaller ones are lower cost and give you more individual attention, like Independent Thinking). I knew Bill, and I knew my friend/colleague really well, and I contacted each of them, connected them, and several months later, my friend had the job. It all started with a free posting on a listserve that went to Heads of Schools, and tapped into who they knew that were looking for a headship and might be a good match. So that anecdote is my advice: Try the listserves. They reach tons of Heads and administrators who often know of excellent candidates.

Lori Day

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