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Telepractice: Shortage of Speech pathologists/Therapists

Margaret Fernandez

Speech therapy services are in high demand, there is a national shortage of therapists and schools are really feeling the impact. Many students in the United States are going without services. The federal law, IDEA 2004, mandates that all children who are found eligible for speech therapy must receive services. There are schools who contract through job placement companies around the country, but the demand for speech therapists still exists. is just beginning to help these students who would be lost. We need parents, teachers, and therapists to step up to the plate and not be fearful of technology. is more than just a thrown-together online service, we are certified and experienced providing telepractice for over 6 years. School administrators are invited to attend our live online webinars to learn more. Just visit our website or call 302-650-6437.

Does your school use any type of service delivery such as this? We are excited to experience tremendous growth for the last 2 years and now we are providing over 1000 sessions each week to students everywhere. We also have helped ease large caseloads. There are some schools in New York where a therapist onsite was assigned 120 students and now by teaming up with us the onsite therapist has 65 and the online therapist has 55. This makes everything work more effectively.

What are your thoughts about technology and education? Does your school division embrace this?

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