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PD in the 21st Century

PD in the 21st Century

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New technology tools are changing the rules about how training can be delivered– resulting in increased efficiency and effectiveness. This free eBook shows how teachers and administrators can benefit from these new rules. Download your copy at www.2itedsol.com/newrules.pdf.

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Melissa Willes's picture

A great topic...I have two questions about online training. How do you move that onto the collaborative stage and how do you create accountability? Online training absolutely provides a venue for specialization and increased skills and knowledge for teachers. I am currently completing the admin cred and was pleased with the tech training I received at SCOE. The difficulty I see is moving a culture of digital immigrants fast enough to make a difference for kids.

brahim elouafi's picture
brahim elouafi
teacher of English at a high school Morocco

Thank you very much Mr JHONNY for allowing us access to this on line book which i really appreciate.still i 've to ask you a question if you dn't mind:do you know of any institution that can administer delivery of these training programs on line ?
floods of thanks in advance

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