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Cell phones in school

Cell phones in school

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I'm planning on talking to my building leadership team about changing our policy on student cell phones. Currently students are to have their cell phones off and placed in their lockers when they enter the building. Guess what? Probably 99.9% of the student body has his or her own cell phone. This is what brought me to this possible policy change. There has to be something more productive and exciting to do with this technology. Has anyone taken this step to embrace the cell phones in their school by incorporating them into certain content areas / lessons- and if so would you mind sharing some ideas that you've found to be successful or unsuccessful.

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Ed Allen's picture
Ed Allen
Catholic High School Administrator, V ocal Music Teacher, Philadelphia PA

In our school we ban cell phones completely. And like your school I believe that virtually all of our students have them and have them with them in school.

I think that instead of a ban, an acceptable use policy designed by some teachers and students and submitted to the administration would go a long way to empowering our students to responsible use and also effective academic use.

I would love to hear from other admins who have policies that work.

Bruce Cook's picture
Bruce Cook
Principal at Brunswick High School, Brunswick, Maine

Thanks for posting this issue. We are facing the same situation in our school and any information/suggestions will be appreciated. The cheating is growing and most faculty/staff members realize that our kids are much better at this than we are. How to turn this potential from a negative to a positive is a goal. We have procedures in place, however the procedures are outdated and need an upgrade. The realities of this situation require us to find the ways to incorporate the technology into our instruction while providing our faculty/staff with the tools to implement effective practices. Any and all advice will be greatly appreciated.

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