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Budget Crisis Facing Schools

Eric Sheninger Principal at New Milford High School

Across the country the education profession is being decimated by drastic budget cuts as a result of fiscal irresponsibility of respective state governments. In NJ, where I work, the Governor took away 862 million dollars in state aid from schools. My district of 2000 students might be looking at losing up to 18 positions and numerous programs. I am curious to know how other educators across the country are dealing with a similar situation and an innovative ideas that you have implemented to save jobs and programs.

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Library/media specialist in Camas Washington

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We are in a similar place. As I mentioned in the past i am not an administrator yet but We have done a couple things that worked well. First we switched our elementary student computers to an open source computer system. (Ubuntu) if you run windows systems you pay per computer per year fees, with an open sourse system no fees at all, a windows system is also about 2,000. per machine an Ubuntu is about 4 or 5 hundred.
The systems work well... not great ...but well talk to your IT people, see what they say.

Principal at New Milford High School

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Thank you so much for that idea. As far as I am concerned, there are no bad ideas considering the circumstances we are all facing. Thanks again!

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