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Admin: Share Your Blog!

Admin: Share Your Blog!

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The other day I posted that all administrators should blog ( After reading some of the comments on my post I thought it would be a great idea for other administrators to submit their blogs here so that we all can learn from each other. So, if you are an educational leader and have a blog submit the link!

This post was created by a member of Edutopia's community. If you have your own #eduawesome tips, strategies, and ideas for improving education, share them with us.

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George Couros's picture

I have started blogging in April and have really learned a lot from educators around the world (including Eric) as well as being able to open communication with my community. Here is my own professional blog that I use for reflection:

Dwight Carter's picture
Dwight Carter
Principal, Gahanna Lincoln High School/Gahanna Jefferson Public Schools

Hello Eric,

I have recently started the 30 Goals Challange (#30Goals) by Shelly Terrell. The first goal was to write a blog, which I did a little over a week ago. I understand the importance of using blogging to share news about my school (large, 2300 student suburban high school with a diverse student population and successful), my thoughts and ideas about edcuational change, policies, etc.

I get stuck on what to share and not to share, but by reading your blogs and a couple of other administrators, I'm gaining confidence in blogging. A part of my hesitation is simply adding one more thing on my plate to manage. Social Media channels are so vitally important and once I start blogging, I must keep it up in order to make it meaningjul, informative, and engaging. Nevertheless, following is the link the my blog:

Be Great,


Jonathan Martin's picture
Jonathan Martin
Head of School, St. Gregory College Prep

About time per week for my blogging: during the school year, I definitely aim to post 2-3 times a week, but I also try not to guilt trip myself too heavily if I fall behind.

Individual posts vary widely in time they take-- sometimes 30 minutes, sometimes an hour or two. But I also, once or twice a week, will post something that I have already written for another purpose: I will re-purpose it as a blog post. That doesn't take any time, really, but it rounds out my blog.

Dave Meister's picture
Dave Meister
Director at Paris Cooperative High School

I blog when I am inspired by something. Whether it is a school event, a book I am reading, or something on another blog, I find blogging is easy when I find the motivation. If the blogs come fast and furious, save them for when you have blog block. Post just once or twice a week, if they are timely, they will have the effect you want.

Dave Meister

Jonathan Martin's picture
Jonathan Martin
Head of School, St. Gregory College Prep

Blogging is an enormously important part of my identity as a Head of School (private-independent, 6th to 12th grade). It is so important for me as a vehicle to communicate my goals and explain my decisions, to inform and educate my faculty, and to process my thinking and demonstrate my own ongoing learning as an educator. I like to think that one of the roles of CEO is as Chief Learning Officer-- that I am at my school the chief learner-- and I think my blog is a marvelous vehicle for that.

It is also so valuable as a way just to share. Like many principals, I regularly give speeches to students, faculties, and boards which I wish other audiences could have the opportunity to hear or read: now they can, by my posting on my blog.

Cannot recommend it highly enough!

I blog at, and tweet at @JonathanEMartin

Jonathan Martin

Brian Harrison's picture
Brian Harrison
Vice Principal - Bogart P.S,: York Region District School Board

With the encouragement of friends and colleagues (near and afar) I started blogging in May. It has helped me to focus my reflections and develop some deeper connections with colleagues beyond the walls of my school.

Brian Harrison's picture
Brian Harrison
Vice Principal - Bogart P.S,: York Region District School Board

I started blogging this May. I find it has helped me focus my reflections and helped me to connect more meaningfully with the experiences and wisdom of colleagues beyond the walls of my building.

David Ginsburg's picture
David Ginsburg
Instructional Coach, Leadership Coach, Math Specialist

As a former school leader, I know how hard it is for many administrators to play the role of instructional leader as much as they would like to (and that teachers need them to)--just too many other fires to put out. That's why I've devoted my blog, Coach G's Teaching Tips, to supporting school leaders and teachers with easy to replicate, evidence-based strategies for enhancing teaching and learning. Check it out, and share with your staff!

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