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Admin: Share Your Blog!

Admin: Share Your Blog!

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The other day I posted that all administrators should blog ( After reading some of the comments on my post I thought it would be a great idea for other administrators to submit their blogs here so that we all can learn from each other. So, if you are an educational leader and have a blog submit the link!

This post was created by a member of Edutopia's community. If you have your own #eduawesome tips, strategies, and ideas for improving education, share them with us.

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Rod McQuality's picture

I use moodle for staff info presenting blogs and podcasts. Trying to get staff to see uses for the classroom. As a consultant I also have online book studies for PD using Rick Wormeli books. Very reasonable PD for educators w/o leaving the classroom. Free "Kindles" for group registration.

Tony Baldasaro's picture
Tony Baldasaro
Chief Human Resource Officer/Virtual Learning Academy Charter School

I'm not sure I can accurately describe what my blog as done for me as a learner. As a district-level and now a state-wide charter school administrator, I am very aware that my voice can have an impact on conversations relative to education and learning, so the ability to blog has provided me with the opportunity to not only make my views known, but also engage in constructive dialogue with others about what my thoughts may mean in a practical sense. For a naturally shy person such as myself, my blog (along with twitter) has given me a place to find my voice on a global level, and I am eternally grateful for that.

You can read and comment on my thoughts here:

Bill Carozza's picture
Bill Carozza
Principal, Harold Martin School, Hopkinton, NH

Hi all,

I have been blogging for a couple of years now as a Principal in Hopkinton, NH. The name of the blog is Principal Reflections and you can find it at: I receive great feedback from both community members and those across the world. I only wish I had time to update more often.


Bill Carozza | Principal
Harold Martin School
271 Main St.
Hopkinton, NH 03229
603 .746 .3473

Christopher Brown's picture
Christopher Brown
Superintendent at West Genesee Central School DIstrict

First off I am looking forward to meeting you next week at NYSCATE. I totally agree with using blogging and Twitter to get the message out. My blog can be found at and I can also be reached on Twitter at I have taken a few weeks off but will begin posting again next week, Enjoy!

Chris Brown
West Genesee Central School District

Steve Guditus's picture
Steve Guditus
Assistant Principal, Stony Brook Middle School, Westford, MA

For the benefit of my own sanity, the success of my school, and a chance to improve upon my practice, the best piece of advice I can give is to give yourself some "Me-Time." Turn off the computer, and reflect. Collect your thoughts, and then, share them! The more the merrier.

Larry Fliegelman's picture
Larry Fliegelman
Principal in Vermont

I blog when I have something to show off at school or when inspiration hits. Working on a challenge to blog everyday for a month really got me going. Right now I am blogging less than I did in June, but summer is for vacationing more and blogging less.

Anyway, I'd be delighted if any of you read and commented:

Thanks. Larry.

Jennifer Krauss's picture
Jennifer Krauss
Editor, Funderstanding

I am the editor for Funderstanding, a site that aims to provide educators and parents with deep learning opportunities. The site's been around since 1996 and it is surprisingly popular given the fact that it's quite disorganized! We are in the process of working on a complete redesign.

We continually seek educators to write articles on a variety of topics.

We also seek individuals to create simulations that teach various subjects. For example,we have a very popular roller coaster simulation that teaches physics.

If you are interested in contributing to our site, I'd love to hear from you!

Jennifer Krauss

Mark Guterl's picture
Mark Guterl
Principal, Stone Bridge Middle School, Upper Freehold Regional School Dist.

Hi Eric.
Here is my blog... ...I use it to keep the community up-to-date with news and student work samples. I started in December after seeing the inspiring Heidi Hayes Jacobs.

Mark Manning's picture
Mark Manning
Supervisor of Instruction/Frelinghuysen Middle School, Morristown NJ

I was recently considering developing a blog (with the assistance of my building tech guru) and your exemplars and comments have been incredibly helpful. Thank you all!

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